Infectious tropical diseases and medical parasitology


A brief history

SAM_0108The Department was founded at the same time with Chisinau State Medical Institute, according to orders no.12875 of 08/28/45 and no. 427/699 of 08/31/45. The clinical base of the Department has been and continues to be InfectiousDiseasesClinicalHospital “T. Ciorba” of Ministry of Health of Republic of Moldova.

Founder and the first Head of the Department (1945-1955) was Liubovi Rozenier, MD, Professor, Emeritus Scientist. Teaching, scientific and therapeutic work started under her guidance. Staff of the Department elaborates various didactic materials which include practical guidelines, lectures and other methodic works. One of the first scientific activities within the Department was “Clinical and laboratory study of infections in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic”.

During 1956-1982, Head of the Department was Isaak Drobinskii, MD, Professor who conducted research in viral hepatitis, infections of infants, rickettsiosis, etc. Infectious pathologies were studied initially only at Faculty of General Medicine but gradually, with the opening of other faculties, the activity of the Department was expanded to Pediatrics, Preventive Medicine and Dentistry faculties. The work on development of didactic materials and improvement of the existing ones in relation to teaching process in other faculties was continued under the leadership of Professor I. Drobinskii. The staff of the Department was actively involved in scientific research, most of them sustain  Ph.D. theses.

Constantin Andriuța, MD, Professor, Emeritus Scientist of the Republic of Moldova was Head of the Department in 1984-2007. During his leadership, the main scientific subject of study was “Clinical and laboratory particularity of viral hepatitis B, C and D, acute, chronic and mixed”.

, Tiberiu Holban has been Chief of the Department since 2007. At the moment the staff of Infectious Diseases, Tropical and Medical Parasitology Department is working on the scientific subject: “Hepatitis B, C, D associated with other infections (Toxoplasmosis, HIV/AIDS, erysipelas, etc.), diagnosis aspects and treatment.”  Didactic activity takes place under continuous learning concept based on curricula and study plans approved by the Staff of the Department.